Comparison: Playit Vs MX Player | What Is The Best Player? [2021 Review]

Comparison: Playit Vs MX Player | What Is The Best Player? [2021 Review]

Comparison: Playit Vs MX Player | What Is The Best Player? [2021 Review]

Hi guys. Today we gonna talk about payit vs mx player, after completely reading this article, you will surely know the best audio and video player between PLAYit (a new all in one video player) and MX player.

When we are talking about the best video (and audio) player for android device, PLAYit and MX player are the top player nowaday.

But people still confused about the best video (audio) player between PLAYit and MX player.

We all know that MX Player is a faster growing app than PLAYit. (Why) because MX player was first launch and upload to google play store. While PLAYit is a new video player.

In this article we are going to them compare both app using statistics from google play and each app features.

Let’s get started!

PLAYit – A New All In One Video Player.


PLAYit video player app is Multi play option and gesture control player that will let you change playback speed, volume, brightness and UI (user interface). Which developed by  Yuvadvance Internet Private

PLAYit player is a powerful app for android devices and PC with wonderful, awesome features that you will like.

PLAYit app support all video and audio format. Such as:

PLAYit video player

Video format.

  • TS (Transport Stream) file.
  • FLV (Flash Video) file.
  • 3GP ( Third Generation Partnership ) file.
  • MKV (Matroska Video) file.
  • MPG (Moving Picture Group) file. And many more.

Audio format.

  • MP3 (Moving Picture 3) file.
  • WAV (Waveform ) file.
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) file. And many more.

With PLAYit, You can search and watch (streaming) movies online without need to download it to your device. Absolutely free.

Apart from streaming videos online, you can also download, save and watch any videos (listen to) audio from social media network like:

  • TikTok.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • WhatsApp.

And other social media network.

PLAYit player features.

Easily gesture control: this will let you control to adjust brightness and volume.

Background play: this will allow you display PLAYit on other app. so that you can use other apps and still watching movies.

PLAYit video converter: this tool will let you convert videos to audios in one click. and enjoy the audio format.

Subtitles Function: this will let you upload (from phone storage) or download subtitles online for free.

Private browser: with PLAYit, you can browse any websites and search (download) any files, tutorial, stories, videos or photos without using any other browser.

PLAYit player install on Google play store (Install PLAYit)

If you don’t have Google play store app, you can download PLAYit app here (Download PLAYit APK)

You can also download PLAYit video player for PC/laptop  on PLAYit official website. Or click here (Download PLAYit for PC)

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MX Player.

MX player

MX Player is an Indians platform for streaming videos online (on MX player website). Which developed by MX Media and Entertainment in India,

MX player platform has 280 million+ users around the world (globally) and it’s app has 500 million+ downloads on google play store.

MX player APK

MX Player is an advanced hardware acceleration and the first video and audio player that supported almost all video and audio format files (just like PLAYit does) and the first video players that supports multi-core decoding with user interface (UI).

MX player features.

Subtitles function: you can search for any movies subtitles and download (or upload from your device) for free.

Private folder: you can hide videos, music and other documents files with MX private folder.

File Transfer: you can transfer app, video, music and other files easily using MX player app.

WhatsApp status saver: you can save and view all your WhatsApp status with MX player. If you don’t want to save it to your device, you can leave it there (MX will save it without using your device storage) for some period of time.

    How to download whatsapp status in mx player.

To save download WhatsApp status in MX player, click menu (the three line) at the top right corner of the page. Then scroll down to “WhatsApp status saver” that’s all.

Equalizer function: you can control how movies and audio sound using MX equalizer tool.

MX player app download on play store (Install MX player)

If you don’t have Google play store, you can download MX player APK here (Download MX player APK)

You can also download MX player for your personal computer (PC) or laptop here (Download MX player for PC)

Comparison: PLAYit VS MX Player.

App features PLAYit MX player
Support all format Yes Yes
Whatsapp status saver Yes Yes
All Social video saver Yes No
Gesture control Yes Yes
Private browser Yes No
Private folder No Yes
Subtitles function Yes Yes
Video to MP3 Yes No
Files transfer No Yes
Equalizer function Yes Yes
Google statistics PLAYit MX Player
Developer Yuvadvance Internet Private Limited MX Media and Entertainment
App Category Video players Video players
Downloads 50 million+ 500 million+
Total rating 788,278+ 9,953,032+
Download charge 100% free 100% free (free version)


These are our comparison of PLAYit player app and mx player. I hope you have know the best video player among them.

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