Nairalink Review 2021: The Fact About Platform

Nairalink Review 2021: The Fact About Platform

Hey guys, in this article am going to share the fact about nairalink platform and all what you have to know before sign up. either marketer or advertiser.

Is nairalink legit? is nairalink scam?  what is recently happening to nairalink? platform we are going to discuss everything in this review.

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This article is all about Nairalink 2021 review, Before i move to the main content, let  me first share a briefly info about platform.



NairaLin. Review

Nairalink is a social media marketing company in nigeria, this company are helping Advertisers to promote their products through social media network like facebook, twitter and whatsapp    and reward social media users (Marketers) for sharing their ads.

How does nairalink works?

Nairalink work with social media user, there are about 10,000 social media users  on nairalink. If you have social media account, you can join nairalink platform.


These guys are the people who will be sharing advertiser ads on their social media profile everyday. they called marketers on nairalink.

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As a social media acccount holder, you can join nairalink and start making money by just sharing ads on your social media profile.

Like i said ealier, naira lnk is a social media network marketing company in nigeria, that help big and small company promote their product on social media network. you can join nairalink as marketer or advertiser.

All about Nairalink

Am going to talk about both nairalink advertiser and marketers review. So is NairaLink legit or scam?

These are mostly asked questions from my people. Let me say something about it.

Nairalink 2021 Review:

So, in this review, am going to share these following sub-topic with you. And is all about Nairalink platform.

Let get started

  • How does nairalink works.
  • How legit is nairalink
  • Is nairalink scam.
  • And how to make money on nairalink.

Is Nairalink legit?

NO, Nairalink is 100% scam, (accordingly to five experience Nairalink Users). Nairalink operate as a social media marketing platform in nigeria, and they have massive advertiser and marketers in nigeria.

Am updating this article now ( October 11, 2021), the nairalink platform seems to be 100% scam and 0% legit.

Is Nairalink scam?

Yes, nairalink is 100% scam. Since last month, five experience users reported nairalink as a scam,

So let first talk about nairalink marketers, (everything about nairalink marketers). Let dive in.

Nairalink Marketers Review:

Nairalink marketer

By joing nairalink as a marketer, you will be able to make money by just sharing ads on your social media profile. to to join naira link as a marketer, visit and select marketer when register that’s all.

How to earn as a marketer on nairalink:

Kindly visit and login with your email and password, then click on “Start Earnig”  you should see an advert to share to your facebook timeline or whtasapp status.

Once you shared the ads, you will be credited with  400 naira instantly (But now, Nairalink seem to be scam. Because they don’t pay their marketers)

How nairalink earning calcuate?

Nairalink earning will be calculate as follow:

earn on nairalink

  • If the ads get 1-4 engaged that’s 400 naira.
  • If the ads get 5- 9 engaged that’s 500 naira.
  • If the ads get 10-24  engaged that’s 600 naira.
  • If the ads get 25-49 engaged that’s 800 naira.
  • If the ads get 50-74 engaged that’s 1,200 naira.
  • If the ads get 74-99 engaged that’s 1,500 naira.
  • If the ads get 100-149 engaged that’s 2,000 naira.
  • If the ads get 150-190 engaged that’s 2,500 naira.
  • If the ads get 500+ engaged that’s 6,000 naira.

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How do I withdraw money from Nairalink?

If you have money on your Nairalink link account, you can try to withdraw it, because they don’t pay again (accordingly to five experience users).

To withdraw your money from Nairalink, login and then click on Withdraw. Nairalink will asked you to enter your bank details.

Once you’ve entered that, now enter the amount you want to withdraw From your nairalink balance. That’s all!

Is NairaLink paying?

NO, nairalink are bot paying their users again. But if you want to try withdrawing your money from nairalink, Note that the minimum amount you can withdraw on your nairalink account is 5,000 naira only.

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And all the withdrawals usually credited to user account on wednesday. But if the day ( wednesday) is a public holiday, users account will be credited in the next working day. You will surely recieve your money.

Nairalink payment proof.

Are you looking for Nairalink payment proof? don’t let anybody show you a fake payment proof, nairalink don’t pay their marketers, so there is no payment proof to publish online.

So keep calm and follow this blog for latest update. Once the Nairalink payment proof publish, or they are paying again I will share with you guys.

Is NairaLink paid?

No, You Don’t have to pay to register? because Registration is free, but you need to subscribe to their weekly plan before you can share ads and earn.

NairaLink does not charge for registration for both marketers and advertisers.

What Is Nairalink Subscription?

Nairalink subscription are runs for just one week. to subscribe, Login to your NairaLink account >> click on  Activate Account. You will be redirect to payment page.

That’s for marketers.i hope I answer your question?

If not, please drop your comment. Without wasting our time, let move to Nairalink advertiser.

How to get started, how to create ad on Nairalink and more. Let go..

Nairalink Advertisers Review:

Nairalink advertiser

By joining as an advertiser, you will be able to promote your product on all social media platform and  get messive sales every day. so to join nairalink as advertiser, visit to sign up, just make sure you select  advertiser  when register. that’s alll.

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How to get started as an advertiser.

To get started as advertiser on Nairalink platform, Visit and then sign up as an advertisers.


After registration successful, you will now be able to create your ads on Nairalink platform.

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 How much does it cost to create ad on NairaLink

As Nairalink state, The minimum amount you can fund your account for now is 5,000 naira.

But you can create ad with minimum of 1,000 naira. So the amount they will charged for advert will depends on the number of people that are likely to see your ad on social media network.

How can i pay into nairalink.

To pay into nairalink account, login to your profile and click on funds wallet you are going to see the payment method support.

Once you deposit to your Nairalink wallet, you can now create your first ads On the account. If you will take my advice, don’t use Nairalink as an advertiser, because they don’t pay marketers that will promote your product.

How to create ad on Nairalink.

To create your first ad on Nairalink, you have to Login to your advertiser account, and then click on create ad. You will be redirect to a new page where you will be asked to enter all your ad details.

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Once you have successfully done the above process, Nairalink teams will review your ad before it can be showing to your audience. So once your ad has been approved, it will start showing immediately.

Type of adverts that are allowed on Nairalink.

While Nairalink are flexible on what type of advert that allowed to be advertised on their platform, any ad that contains illegal contents, or word, content to break any of the federal republic of Nigeria law is not allowed on Nairalink. note that.

And also, Nairalink do not allow any pronographic advert. So follow their policy to benefit from their network. That’s all.


In this article, I’ve shared all what you have to know about Nairalink platform, both advertiser and marketer.

Business enterprise

Including how legit nairalink, is nairalink scam, and how nairalink work, how to create ad and more. And note that Nairalink are not paying their marketers for now. Don’t risk it.

I will update this article once they started paying their marketers, so that you can withdraw your money from nairalink. Thanks for reading.

Nairalink review june 2021

If you have any comment, feel free to drop your  comment and i promise to respond as soon as possible.

18 thoughts on “Nairalink Review 2021: The Fact About Platform

      1. Am not an advetiser I just want to make money from them, For me to start making money do I need to pay any money

    1. Please how can you convince me that Nairalink is not a scam? I paid in to the bank account displayed on the internet the first time then screenshot the teller to the platform, after forwarding the screenshot to the platform I went to the platform to activate the registration no way.
      After that I got sms several times with the name Nairalink telling me to pay so that my account can be activated I transferred another money again hoping that I will be able to activate the registration to no avail. Please help me out.

  1. I made a payment since 29th of July and my payment was rejected and av messaged them but all to no avail

  2. When we suscribe to it for the one week activity, are you 100% sure it is going to pay up when it reaches the minimum #5000

  3. Good pm sir/ma since 4 month ago i cant login into narialink platform which i have due for my payment N=5000 naria only and i did not see the money in account bank name is wema bank and account no is 0235298018. sir/ma my balance on narialink platform is N= 5400. please sir/ma i need your help.

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