IntechAds Review 2021: Here Is What You Should First Know

IntechAds Review 2021: Here Is What You Should First Know

Hey guys, in this article am going to share with you IntechAds review is intechads legit, is intechads scam and intechads payment proof.

Let get started.


Intech Ads platform was created by Intech Organization. Itech ads is moderately new, I don’t have more to say about them but will surely update this article each time i get more data.

What is Intech Organization?

Intech Organization is a innovative technology management.


This organization started as a web developers, they are providing
digital services and other technical expertise.

Intech Organization have many successful platform including:

1. IntechAds: It is a sophisticated digital ads network

2. Intech Cloud Hosting: it’s a infrastructure cloud base web hosting company [].

3. Intechvault: It’s a Simple and Powerful Personal Cloud Storage []

4. Intech Web Page: It’s Online Drag & Drop
website builder, and you can download html, css & js files. with all
assets images) []

5. InURL- URL shorten and content redirection
management []

6. Intech Cloud Server: It’s a Professional Server deployment and management for enterprise.

7.  [yet to lunch] iNStore: it’s a multi tenancy base e-commerce platform that will be allowing entrepreneurs to create e-commerce website within 5 minutes without coding.

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Now that you have know little about Intech Organization, let me move to Intech Ads review. How reliable and legit intechads is.

What is Intech Ads?

The Intech ads platform is google Adsense ads alternative for sponsors and publisher in nigeria.


Intechads is An online commercial center where sponsors can offer their promotions to published and get more sale or traffic in return.

Intech Ads platform offer a highly sophisticated online platform for both advertisers and publishers for exchange advertisements and traffic with no stress.

Intechads Review:

According active intechads publisher, IntechAds is by far underrated and the best ads network for Nigeria blogger.

Because intechads Advertisement are clean and well structure with high payout rates. And almost looks like an adsense type of advertisements on many blog.

Intechads website is safe to browse, their traffic volume is about 31,311 unique daily visitors and 187,868 is their pageviews. hosted their site on foreign company named Namecheap, Inc., US. And registered under .COM top-level domain.

Is IntechAds Scam?

IntechAds Is 100% legit. They paying publisher instantly when they request for withdraw. From 1,000 naira upward.

There many post on facebook about IntechAds, that IntechAds is scam because is nigeria company.

If you are reading this article, am telling you now that IntechAds is 100% legit platform. Am going to drop IntechAds payment proof for you now.

IntechAds Payment Proof.

Here is IntechAds payment proof of 21 publisher. This payment proof was posted by one of intechads ambassador “Mr Koji Agudah” on his popular blogger facebook group.

IntechAds payment proof

IntechAds payment proof

Intechads For Advertisers

Join Intech Ads as an advertiser and INCREASE YOUR ROI WITH INTECH ADS. You can be generating top quality leads for your websites or get more sales by advertising your product and website on Intech Ads platform.

Advertisers ads will have widespread reach as they are served in Intech Ads enormous publisher network.

You can create any type of ads on Intech Ads, including text, banner, text+image formats and you can control the target audience of your ads by configuring the keywords, category, display device, OS, browser and geographical.

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Intech Ads highly cost effective advertising solution ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites.

How to Get Started As An Advertiser.

1. Visit and then SIGN UP as an Advertiser. You will receive verification email. Check your email and verify your account.

2. Now click on “CREATE ADS” and create any type of ads you want and target your audience

3. Onece you place your advert, Intech Ads system will market your products or services and l INCREASE LEADS.


DIVERSE AD FORMATS: A wide selection of ad formats for making your campaigns and get more leads

DETAILED REPORTING: Time period based reports for ads, keywords and adcodes for publishers.

TARGETING CAPABILITIES: You will be able to target your audience by keywords, display device, OS, browser, geo-locations, display devices and language

FRAUD DETECTION: Intech Ads platform not will be monitoring your ads to prevent repetitive, invalid, proxy and automated clicks

SECURE PAYMENTS: You can easily add fund to your account using any one of Payment Modes => Paypal,2CO,Check and Bank

Intechads For Publisher.

You don’t have Adsense on your blog, no worries, you can start OPTIMIZE YOUR REVENUE WITH INTECH ADS platform today.

Let dive in

Join Intech Ads platform and start generating more revenue from your websites traffic by placing adcodes from Intech Ads.

Their system ensures maximum revenue possible at anytime by rendering ads from highest bidders on your websites.

There is Adcodes for displaying text, banner, text+image. Intech Ads are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords or category in your websites and generating best matching ads for the same, so that your visit can click and you earn.

And. The Adcodes can be configured to filter your competitor ads from being displayed on your websites.

Intechads Banner Ads.

As we all know that a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. This is why advertisers are using banner ads. And it’s a great opportunity for publish because it’s eye-catching enough to draw the attention of your readers

Intechads TEXT + IMAGE ads

This Text + Image ads will let you to create text and image ads. Images will be used and ad format will generally smaller in dimension than normal banner ads.  This ads type will ensure higher content richness than the normal text ads.

How To Get Started As A Publisher.

1. Visit andSign up for a free publisher account.

You receive verification email, it might be on your Email box, l primary inbox or Spam. Onec you see the verification mail, click in it and verify your account.

Note: If you don’t receive the Email, you can’t verify your account, And if your are trying to login, they will keeps declining you (that your account is inactive).

If you re experience “Accountinactive” on intechads, Don’t  panic, your website is under review by the Intechads team, Just like Adsense.

Just Check your email after some minutes or hours, Another Email will be arrived saying your account is Approved.

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2. Onece your account successful registered and your website is approved, you can now insert ad code on your website to display ad and started earning with your traffic.

If you don’t know how to place or insert IntechAds adscodes on your website, don’t worry, am going to teach you. Both WordPress and Blogspot Platform.

How To Place IntechAds On WordPress Website.

If you are using wordpress you can insert / place IntechAds on your website using plugin. So follow this guide below:

Click on plugin >> Add New >> Than Search for “Advanced Ads” install the plugin and active it.

Now click menu >> Advanced Ads >> Ads >> Add New. You will see an empty box, required name. Just put “IntechAds” and scroll down to “plain code” then paste your adscode. And publish it.

To make it display in your post and page, click on menu again >> Advanced Ads >> Ad Placement >> Add Placement then select where you want ads to be displaying. That all

How To Place IntechAds On Blogpost Website.

If you are using blogspot, you can insert / place IntechAds on your website by editing your theme. So follow this guide below:

Click on theme >> Edit theme now select the section where you want that ads to display and past your adscodes after or before the tags as showed below in the screenshot.

Place IntechAds adscodes on blogspot Place IntechAds adscodes on blogspot Place IntechAds adscodes on blogspot Place IntechAds adscodes on blogspot

I will soon update this content with video on how to insert Adcodes on your wordpress or blogspot website for more understanding. Stay turned.

So, Once you successful place the adscodes on your website, this is how IntechAds ads will look like on your website 👇

IntechAds ads

How To Earn More On Intech Ads.

Here is a tips on how to earn more from IntechAds with your traffic.

1. Target Nigeria Audiences: Since Intech Organization operate in nigeria, their Advertisers are mostly targeting only Nigerian audiences.

If you have large traffic from
US, UK or Canada your earnings will be low. because advertisers wants only Nigeria or African clients.

2. Ads Placement: Place your adscodes in a right place. Don’t place ad formats that meant for P.C on mobile.

And install advanced ads plugin to place ads on your blog. If you are using wordpress.

3. Don’t Use Popping ads: avoid using ads popping up ads on your site, because those ads might competing for attention which will lead to ad dilution.

Benefit For Publisher.

CUSTOMIZABLE ADCODES: You can customize the adcodes to match your website content and design.

RELEVANT ADS: Intech Ads is Automatic detect keyword and matching ad delivery.

COMPETITOR FILTERING: You can Configure your site filters to restrict your competitors

PAYOUT MODES: You can Request payouts using Paypal, check and bank. And minimum withdraw on Intech Ads is NGN1000.

Where’s IntechAds found?

Intech Promotions is a Nigerian based Promotions network that was as of late settled in 2021, this makes it moderately new to the commercial market.


Intech Ads is situated at no. 8 Emmanuel St. Odo rila Rd. Odogunyan Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria.

IntechAds is enrolled under CAC which implies they are up for business and it will not be closing down soon.

Disclaimer: While utilizing any ads organization, ensure you test them following a little while and in the event that you don’t get you wanted objective you can stop.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thanks.

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  1. Wow… This is well explained. I just got to know about this Ads Network. I will use your referral link and I hope I get approved and Start running their Ads on my site.

    Thanks For this great Review

    1. Sure, minimum withdraw on intechads is just 1,000 naira. And you can withdraw at anytime. I will update this article with 4 or 5 intechads payment proof soon. Just stay tuned.

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