Moniepoint POS Machine: Get Moniepoint POS In 2023

Moniepoint POS Machine: Get Moniepoint POS In 2023

Hey guys in this article, am going to share with you, how to get moniepoint POS Machine Easily. Let dive in without wasting much of our time.

Cash App Account

Moniepoint is reliable and best POS machine in nigeria after Opay POS machine. Why, because moniepoint offer customer friendly service.

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If you are in need of moniepoint POS Machine for your business or for personal purpose, I will guide you on how you can get your own moniepoint POS Machine.

Note: Moniepoint POS machine is not free and it has a daily target that you must do.

How do I apply for Moniepoint POS?

Before you can get or apply for Moniepoint POS machine, you have to provide some  information.

It will be needed in the registration page. To be a full moniepoint agent and get POS machine.

How to get moniepoint POS machine?

For you to get your moniepoint POS machine, you have to contact moniepoint teams if you are not leaving in Lagos.

Moniepoint POS Machine

Contact moniepoint teams and ask for POS. They will ask some questions from you. Including your business License. Then they will guide you through on how to get the POS machine easily.

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And note that, moniepoint POS Machine is not free. They will charge like 30 to 40k and you must meet up with daily target.

Moniepoint daily target.

70,000 naira is the daily target on moniepoint POS Machine. If you don’t meet up with the daily target three times, moniepoint might collect their POS terminal.

But before they do that, they will message or call you when you failed to do 70,000 naira daily.

And before you they can retrieve your account, you will paid #10,000 or #12,000

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How to synchronize your Moniepoint Terminal

Synchronization is completed when funds are usually not reflecting in your wallets after a profitable withdrawal Transaction, on account of system malfunction or downtime.

With a purpose to let all of your transaction mirror in your Moniepoint wallet.

Steps on synchronize your Moniepoint  POS machine.

  • Go to service
  • Click on on synchronization
  • All all of the to synchronize
  • Examine your pockets stability

Learn how to synchronize on Moniepoint Android

  • Go to Service
  • Click on on Admin
  • Enter your transaction pin
  • scroll to synchronize
  • click on on it and restart your terminal

If you have any questions regarding how to get moniepoint POS machine and moniepoint daily target, feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below And I promise to respond as soon as possible.


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12 thoughts on “Moniepoint POS Machine: Get Moniepoint POS In 2023

  1. i am having an isue of transaction since on the 24 of December 2021
    he declined from my side but day debit the person, what can i do now

  2. What if one pay money for the POS terminal ,will the person be penalized if he/she does not meet the daily target?

  3. Palmpay they will your costumer or agent.
    Reason: they don’t have a daily target
    They have good network 4G
    Thirdly, their flate rate deposit charges is #10.
    Please resolve this issues. I’m your agent

  4. It means palmpay they will reduce our moniepoint agent due to that reasons exactly.
    –flate rate of deposit because palmpay flats rate deposit is #10
    Lakes of 4G network

  5. What of a kudi and is it that they pay you salary for being an agent and meeting up with daily transactions
    Another question is that all those charges on transactions is the the agent money or the kudi owm

  6. Please I want to have your contact details here in Kano . I’m interested to start the pos business .

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