Best Apps To Invest Your Money Right Now

Best Apps To Invest Your Money Right Now

have you been looking for  for a legit way to invest your money? In this article am going share with you, the apps to invest your money right now in 2022.

According to a popular Investor Warren Buffet, Capital preservation should be the main priority for any investor when deciding to place your money into the market.

Invest Your Money

Do you know that certain apps are being developed to invest wisely without being dumped or scrapped, and have you ever tried some but didn’t yield any result you always wanted?

And are you the type that always eats from hand to mouth without thinking of how to multiply your income?

Here in this article, I will open your insights to some incredible investing apps that will change your earning lifestyle from nothing to something.

Reason Why You Should Invest Your Money

Investing your money will go a long way in eliminating some financial challenges whenever it comes. Because it serves as a backup plan for all your needs without looking for a loan to solve it.

Also, it helps in the time of emergency, take for instance, during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown where every organization all over the world shutdown activities and the only place people can go is online for information.

And having invested your money before such an unexpected incident then you have nothing to worry about because it only requires you to keep monitoring it day in and day out and see your income growing.

So here on these lists. I will be revealing 8 of the most requested apps to invest your money and if you have been searching up and down then search no more and begin to take action. It is high time to take your finances to a high level.

Chaka is also one of the best investing apps in Nigeria that you can put your money into without any regret.

It does matter if you are a pro or a novice to get started with this app. And guess what it is free of charge for registration.

And it also has an offer called build wealth for your loved ones, which means you can refer a friend to register and put $10 or more and each of you will be rewarded with $50.

It has an expert wealth manager that will help you with rebalancing, portfolio designing, monitoring, and dividend reinvestment.

Make Money Online For Beginners

Also, it has bank-level protection. In order words, all your transactions and bank details are being secured without being interfered with.

And it is being monitored by the security exchange commission of Nigeria. So do not hesitate to dive in and put in all your effort and get a reward.


webull is also an awesome app that’s good for investing your money on different stocks made available. It comes with 0 commission, and no deposit minimum.

Also, their requirements for registration are just your government identity card and date of birth certificate.

It’s registered under the security and exchange commission and the financial industry regulatory authority, the New York stock exchange. Which indicates all your funds are being saved and secured.

And it has some kind of features that’s added to their services, free real time quotes, multiple platform accessibility, full extended hours trading 24/7 online help at your convenient time just reach out to them.

You can explore your stock portfolio, that is, they make it easy for an individual to invest in your choice of organization and without buying a whole share.

And if you can refer your friend to register with it you will get more stock, the more people you refer the more stocks

Chicy Vest

Chickyvest is another investment In Nigeria that is a duly authorized app and you can kick off the journey of your investment with just #1000 naira too.

Whenever you register they will give a #500 welcome bonus and you can choose your investment plan how you want it to be at your capacity.

Reason To Invest Your Money

And they have over 4 million customers ever since they began the activities and they are receiving positive reviews every day concerning their services.

Also, one peculiarity about this app is that you can easily calculate your earnings and see the profit before you invest your money so that it will clear doubts.

In other words, you will see your total percent, daily profits, net profit, and total return instantly. Also, you can request a withdrawal and receive payment on a stipulated day. So you have nothing to be afraid of, all your investments will be managed by a pro in that field.

Rise Vest

Rise vest is also one of the best apps currently in Nigeria that you can boldly invest your money and cash out in big time. And it is also known as dollars investment, you can choose your investments as you want such as retirement, stocks, higher education, home, and travel expenses.

It has been in operation in Nigeria since 2019 and has 100,000 thousand customers all over the world. It has one feature that can make you a committed customer.

It is called auto investment which means when you didn’t set up a fund for a certain investment.

It will automatically fund your investments as planned so this makes it easier and more accessible. It also has a telegram community where they share ideas and enlighten one another and ask questions based on your investments.

And it also gives space for beginners to explore their investment at their own pace, their real estate annual return is %15 and stock exchange annual return is %14 while fixed income annual return is %10.



Cowrywise is also an app investment that is reliable and trustworthy, there is nothing better than seeing your money working for you. It allows you to apply for their campus ambassador and it is free and you will get monthly bonuses upon your referral.

Also, it is regulated by the security and exchange commission of Nigeria. And you can work hand in hand with their professional advisors about your investment goals and come up with a suitable plan for you in no time.

According to their policies, you can diversify your portfolio by engaging mutual funds with well-known investment firms. And it allows any customer to invest in things that match your financial goals and risk appetite.


Passfolio is another app to scale up your investment and increase your income, whether you are a citizen or noncitizen of the United States of America.

You can get started with just $1. All you have to do is use your local currency and charge no commission to join the marketplace.

Also, as a matter of fact, investing in US dollars can be a good start because it is a widely recognized currency in the world. And invest in notable companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. is not left out like every other platform to dwell in and keep elaborate and put your money into acceleration. It was founded in 2007 and has had millions of customers worldwide since it began operation. And if you are someone who also knows about cryptocurrencies then this app is for you.

Also, it has an economic calendar to monitor every activity of the market to make it easy to take action at the right time and the right occasion to buy orders to maximize the profit. And tools such as market quotes, technical summary, earning calendar, currency converter and advanced charts.


Bamboo apps came last on the lists and it also has the same features as others, just a slight difference. This is a type of investment app called a win for a win because it has headquarters in the US.

And their accounts are in partnership with the Nigerian security and exchange commission likewise the United States.

According to bamboo speculations, it has something called fractional investing which means it allows you to invest in any company of your choice with #15,000.

And their only requirement is just your NIN and contact address in case of any emergency.


As you can see above all those listed apps are still relevant up to date. And without any doubt, it can go a long way in putting you on the right path. Just make up your mind and start implementing it.

Just cultivate the habit of investing your income and say no to urgent financial problems and the time is now to rewrite the story of your spending habit and turn it into investing habits and see if things will turn around for good or not.

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Also, it comes with a lot of opportunities once you get started because some can make you their ambassador earn money and continue with your investment with them without affecting each other.

And lastly, their usefulness also varies from each other so you must read their terms and conditions. It is then you will know which one fits your income and that can work in your favor.

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