15 thoughts on “Africgold Reviews 2022: Is Africgoldm.com Legit Or Scam? Check Right Now

  1. Africgold is 100% scam, don’t invest your morning in it.
    I registered since September 2021, up till now I have not be pay, they only payed those that can refer, they only referrals, is you cannot refer, you cannot earn. Africgold is scam, 100% SCAM

  2. Africgold is a big time scam. People be warned about their antics they are some bunch of criminals scamming people with promises they never adhere to. Their level of inconsistencies is worse than even the govt of Nigeria. They use peter to pay Paul.

  3. Please I have not been paid since I registered in November 2021 all I need now is their office address in Lagos State Nigeria please if you know the office address contact me on WhatsAp 08038973506

  4. What happened to AfricGold why there’s no schedule of withdrawal?
    27th Jan 22 they said, but the Withdrawal Portal is closed
    OMG! I have even Referrals but the same thing Withdrawal Portal is closed
    I have Mining of N169k already

    Praise the LORD, HAVE MERCY ON US
    Don’t allow us to be a victim.of circumstances again and again

  5. I don’t think so. Afrigold has paid miners twice, and the third time, they plan on opening the miners portal continuously like the affiliate portal that was opened without closing since on the 17th feb

  6. Africgold is say very big scam I’ve been mining for more than 6 months now and every time they claim open they’ve open their portal when you opentje website its always down till the withdrawal ends and it starts working again same thing over and over again for 6months its a scam!!!!!! Big scam!
    They only promise you but its all empty be wise
    No website will pay you like that!!!!
    Its all scam be your own boss and of posssible start your own website

  7. Why can’t you people pay us. Why are you holding people’s money. God is watching you people ooo. Remember that is pay back time. What ever you sow so shall you reap it.

  8. If real why I have not been paid is getting two months now africgold has not paid since I join I have not been given any penny even my data money for mining for you people is unfair

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